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7 Home Features Most Home Buyers Want in a House

What are the most popular features for home buyers? Well, this question is important because it’s a matter of huge investment for them!

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, homes built in 2012 were bigger and more expensive as compared to homes constructed in the last few years.

However, today’s home buyers are more conscious of their investment, so new home buyers want a unified living space and high valued storage.

These are 7 preferences or features or amenities that every home buyer is looking for in a new home:

1. Location
This is the first & the most important feature for your dream house. Location is the most important feature sought by home buyers. If you have to choose between a home with all the amenities you want in a bad location, or a home in a good location with only some amenities, you will choose the home with the good location. Why? Because you can always add amenities, but you can’t change a bad location, isn’t it?

2. Style Of Home
Every home buyer has some ideas of what their perfect home would look like. You’ll get better results from including certain house types, features, materials, etc. personally, which may depend upon your own preference. From roof, yard, garden, to interior design of your house, everything is equally important.

3. Space
Now comes the space where home buyers are looking for bigger space. They want enough spacious (think three-car or more) garages. Their requirement is storage, parking, & playful space. Every home buyer considers space & storage as a must-have feature in their home.

4. Cost & Energy Efficiency
It has become very important for home buyers to consider a house that is environment-friendly say eco-friendly, cost-effective, & energy-efficient. However, it’s a matter of preference for every individual but by considering these amenities, home buyers can save several things at the same time!

5. Basic Home Amenities
These amenities include type of home, flooring, age of house, rooms, etc. If you do not want a newer home, you can ask your agent to limit your search to homes built prior to a certain year. From number of rooms, bathrooms, & flooring type, everything is essential for living and for home buyer too!

6. Specific Home Amenities
Home buyers often desire certain features in 4 areas of the home: the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room. In addition, a growing number of buyers would love to have home energy features, including accessibility features. Although some of these can be added after purchase as a home improvement, but sometimes the cost to do so is exorbitant.

7. Paper Work
Final aspect for home buyers is to look for a paper trail. Especially when buying a resale home, seek a paper trail, or a list of documents of repairs, upgrades, and services added to the home over the years. It is quite similar to buying a used car, the more informed you are, the more ideal home buying it will be!

Looking for a home is an essential part of life, and believe it or not, it is the best investment you can ever make! I hope this article helped you decide what amenities you want to have, and which ones you’d prefer for your perfect home.

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