Decorate Your Living Room

A Beginners Guide to Decorate a Living Room

If you are thinking about decorating your house or flat, and first on the list is your living room, you might be overwhelmed with putting all the pieces together to give your room an appealing look. You have to consider paint colors, furniture, and accessories when you are decorating 3 BHK apartments in Mohali. But the very first thing to figure out about your living room is your decorating style.

In this article, we will guide you in decorating your living room of ready to move apartments in Mohali. Whether your budget is small or big, these designer tips will help you boost your living room’s style without breaking the bank. Check them out:

Rearrange Furniture

A new furniture arrangement can do wonders for updating your living room. It can improve the look and functionality of your room. Grab a friend and start moving furniture pieces around until you find an easy-to-flow arrangement. You can also shop for new furniture pieces that might be just right for your new living room.

Add Area Rugs

It is important to add area rugs in your living room. The most important concern with any area rug is its size. Make sure you know the best size of area rug for your living room. All the furniture should be sitting on top of the area rug and there should be about 10-to-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the area rug and the walls of the living room.

Light It Up

Consider adding new lights to brighten up your living room. Whether a glamorous chandelier or simple recessed lights, the right lighting is the main ingredient of decoration. Most importantly, you should consider each of the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Lighting is key to showing off a beautiful design.

Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint color is something a lot of people struggle with. Painting is relatively easy, and it’s inexpensive, so choose your more expensive pieces first and then choose a suitable color on them. You can give a tired or dark living room, a bright and airy facelift by painting the walls white of your 3 BHK apartments in Mohali.

Hang More Art On Walls

Empty walls mean an incomplete room. This doesn’t mean you need to fill every inch of it. Decorating the walls with art is a perfect idea. But it does not have to be costly. Educate yourself about the basic rules of what to hang and how to arrange it.

With these ideas, you can have a beautiful makeover for your living room. Whether you prefer traditional florals, country classics or a contemporary pattern, these ideas will always help you give your living space an appealing look.

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