Looking To Move in High Rising Societies (Neighbours Matter)

Looking To Move in High Rising Societies (Neighbours Matter)

How Your Neighbours Matter: Janta Housing

When you think of researching and using neighbourhood-reaching strategies, a wide range of advantages come to mind, including a sense of community, educational possibilities, open-mindedness, and even your own wellbeing. Access to resources, knowledge, and assistance are further benefits. 


There are various benefits to getting to know your neighbours in JLPL apartments or homes.


Counter-urbanisation and its impact on city dwellers

There was a time when people from rural cities went looking for opportunities in the already crowded urban cities. The more people came and settled, less was the space, resources and time as years went on. The city dwellers are now moving out of their urban lifestyle comfort zone. Counter-urbanisation is the process by which people migrate from urban to rural communities, the opposite of urbanisation. There can be multiple causes to this sudden shift such as, Development of Technology in the Rural Cities, lack of resources in the urban city, high real estate prices, overpopulation, etc. The conclusion being the demands of the city dwellers being fulfilled outside their city, such as a healthier lifestyle, better real estate prices, less stress, etc. So the next step towards counter-urbanisation seems pretty clear.

Living in Harmony

Friendly and respectful neighbours can make your life a lot easier, especially when your neighbour is right next door. For people who prefer staying indoors, the Falcon View community provides an incredible clubhouse along with various indoor activities. A swimming pool in JLPL apartments goes a long way in helping you get to know your neighbours better and therefore live in harmony.

Neighbours who are considerate of your personal space are less likely to infringe on your right to privacy, be disruptive, or otherwise hamper your quality of life.

Personal Safety

A large number of people at Falcon View, Galaxy Heights, and Sky Gardens encompass individuals who are now serving or have previously served in the armed forces. Having residents working in armed forces as your neighbours may provide an added sense of security while also demonstrating the need to follow orders. They'll be there for you when you need them most. Neighbours who watch out for each other’s interests and properties are a sign of great compatibility. Your family's safety can be improved by living in a proactive community that prevents criminal activity and makes the neighbourhood safer.

Partnerships for Mutual Benefit

You have access to individuals living with families as a result of the initiatives that JLPL has accomplished. Residents in Canal View, Sector 82, Sector 90-91, and Regency Heights are highly qualified and come from affluent households, so it is feasible for residents of these neighbourhoods to work together to improve their community and be more cohesive. You can organise a multi-family yard sale, grow a communal garden together, or coordinate flower colours. Lawn mowing and other household activities can be shared among all the neighbours.

Participation of the family

Meeting a neighbouring family can be as easy as heading over to the play areas or swimming pools built in these fantastic projects by JLPL. Even when it comes to children, neighbours tend to be quite supportive of each other's families. Neighbours may be a lifesaver regarding child care emergencies and basic safety. Neighbours may be a great help while you're away from home and take care of your home, deliver your mail, and even walk your dog.

Developing Business contacts

The connections you make with your neighbours from one building to the next. Whether it be from Falcon View to Sky Gardens or Galaxy Heights 1 to Galaxy Heights 2, they are likely to come in handy while looking for work or starting a business. Friends and relatives of your neighbours may be able to assist you in promoting your business or find the connections you need for successful business collaborations. This might be an added advantage to your knowledge when it comes to business.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone might seem uncomfortable initially, but being ready to let go of expectations of reciprocity and knowing when to give someone space can help ease the discomfort. Togetherness in a community is certainly enhanced when people know each other better. Taking the effort to interact and make a good gesture may open up more participation opportunities for your neighbours. Whether it’s on the staircase, inside an elevator, or even walking down the street, today seems like a perfect opportunity to welcome your next-door neighbours.

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